Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Data

a. While registrating as a User or making a donation through the form provided on this site, ACT Foundation will collect your information such as--but not limited to--Name, Email and Mobile/Phone Number.

b. ACT is subjected to the norms of Electronic System contained in the legislation of Indonesia.

c. The entire electronic system and its contents are a unified electronic system protected under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia which is therefore prohibited from being abused by any party.

d. ACT Foundation classifies User data as confidential information and does not make disclosures to Third Parties for any reason, except to the authorized parties.

e. ACT stores all data and information that has been provided by the User when filling out a form on the site.

f. User should be aware and permits that the data and information provided to ACT can be the object of data processing for ACT and the type of information in the form of contact is possible to be a mean for ACT to send information to the User.

g. ACT implements User data protection with sufficient security methods which include firewall, encryption, and antivirus.


Limit of Responsibilities

a. ACT cannot be sued and is not responsible for the collection, processing and/or disclosure that is against the law outside and/or against the electronic system on site.

b. ACT cannot be sued and is not responsible for the source of donations given by donors.

c. ACT cannot be sued and is not responsible for disputes that occur between Users caused by the use of the site.

This Privacy Policy applies when aired to all parties in activities related to the electronic system of



Last update: 14 February 2020