Rebuild the Destroyed Bridges, Rebuild Their Lives!

At the turn of the year, heavy rain fell in various regions around the capital of Indonesia, causing flash floods and landslides. As a result, 61 people lost their lives, and tens of thousands of people fled their homes.

In the emergency phase, assistance such as meal packages, public kitchens, clean water distribution, and health services have been distributed. However, after the flood receded, the impact of the disaster was still felt by many residents, especially those in the Lebak-Banten, and Bogor-West Java.

One of the impacts that are still felt by the locals is the loss of bridges that become the main access to their villages. This forced the residents to travel farther to meet their needs and carry out their daily activities.

One of such examples is the Hamberang Bridge in Luhurjaya Village, Lebak Regency. This suspension bridge was destroyed without a trace, forcing dozens of students at Luhur Jaya 1 Public Elementary School to take a 30-minute detour to reach their school while previously they only needed 5 minutes through the bridge.

Pasir Telak Bridge, in the Jayaraharja Village, Bogor Regency, was also destroyed. Although only 3 meters long, this bridge is essential in connecting between Ciputih & Jampang Kuning Village with Pasir Telak, Sibentang, and Cihuut Village.

Previously, ACT Foundation has also rebuilt damaged bridges in Lebak Regency, the same regency affected by flash floods that destroyed many bridges, including the Sabukit Bridge in Sajira Subdistrict which connects Sanding Village and Bubur Village.

This time, ACT invites generous people from around the world to jointly rebuild bridges damaged by disasters in Lebak and Bogor.

The funds needed for a bridge varies from the tens of thousands of USD to hundreds of thousands of USD. For this reason, donations raised from this campaign will be combined with donations from NGOs and institutional partnerships so that they are sufficient to rebuild or renovate a bridge.

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