Covid-19 Relief: Food Careline Services

Unlike other countries that have begun to let their guard down from the pandemic, Indonesia is even tightening lockdowns due to the ascending number of new cases every day. With severe social and economic impacts, Indonesia is in urgent need of Solidarity! 


What’s Happening in Indonesia?


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Indonesia to its limit. The impacts are even worse than in early 2020. Since July 20, the number of cases keeps mounting by up to nearly 51,000 a day. Prolonging lockdowns is the solution. 


It is undeniable that this tightens the strangulation for the low-income families, unemployed, and people living in poverty. Giving them multiple stress. 


Source: Rakyat Merdeka


What kind of Aid can be provided?


Since the beginning of the pandemic in Indonesia in 2020, ACT has helped a total of 453 cities to nearly 4 million beneficiaries with over 27,000 volunteers in response to COVID-19. Due to current difficulties, we want to reach out more to those in need.


To relieve food distress felt by those who are socially and economically affected, ACT through the Food Careline Services program is providing food aids in the form of food supplies and ready-to-eat food. 



This service is based on call centers that will answer the voice of asking for food assistance. We are making sure that the beneficiaries are those who have less, such as poor families, those who can’t afford daily food needs, people with low incomes, and employees who have laid off work. 



Your support is very much needed! Click “Donate” to provide life-saving food supplies!

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