Empower MSME in Saving Indonesian Economic Crisis

55 million Indonesians are threatened with poverty. Then the ongoing Pandemic comes and devastates the nations’ economy. The unemployment rate is rising, so are layoffs and bankruptcy. The economic crisis is in sight. 


Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are the prime nations’ solutions, as 99% of business units in Indonesia are MSMEs. But in real life, 12 million MSMEs are running out of business, due to the lack of capital.



Mrs. Tania from Jakarta almost gave up on the source of her familys’ livelihood, because the income earned was only IDR 20,000.



“Absolutely insufficient. It feels so sad when I really want to pursue this business wholeheartedly, but there is no profit, capital, nor somewhere to seek solutions. And I do not want to get into debt”, She said.

Not only Mrs. Tania, but many MSME players also experience the same. And that is why ACT with Global Wakaf initiated waqf-based business capital assistance. Moreover, we want sustainable businesses, in order to do so, routine business knowledge mentoring will constantly assist them.



Raise up nations’ economy, turn the wheel of economy back on, dan encourage our Indonesian brothers and sisters, through:

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