Solidarity for Brothers Sisters in Palestine

Early this morning (Saturday, 08/05), Palestinian Muslims were attacked. In the 26th night of Ramadan inside the Aqsa Mosque area, Palestinian Muslims also fired with bullets, fire crackers and tear gas.


At the time this campaign was written, 178 people were seriously injured. Meanwhile, some residents were also reportedly detained.


Masjid Al Aqsa, the first qibla of Muslims. But why do our Muslims brothers and sisters can not pray and worship peacefully without being shot and threatened?



Palestine is in a precarious and critical condition, we cannot just sit still to see our brothers and sisters being persecuted.


Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. May Allah Ta'ala will give strength, patience, safety and victory. Aamiin.


Our brothers are struggling against colonialism, let's join in the struggle with our prayers, donations and best supports.


Give your best alms for the struggle of our brothers in Palestine, by clicking "Donate Now" and bring happiness from you to Palestine!


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