Empowering Indonesian Farmers to Overcome Poverty

The agricultural sector plays a crucial part in Indonesian economic growth. Ironically, Indonesian farmers live in poverty, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The fact that planting raw material prices has skyrocketed, making most farmers forced into debt. While debts are piling up, crops are also sold at prices that are far from sufficient. Now they are stuck in the cycle of poverty and debt bondage.


We need to prosper their livelihood as they have been ensuring food security across the country!



ACT and Global Wakaf Productive Rice Field Waqf Program is attempting to empower Indonesian farmers, free them out of poverty, as well as increase Indonesian food sovereignty. 



By providing paddy fields with farming raw materials and tools, the farmers can focus on maintaining and gaining the planting. Furthermore, the harvest will be bought at appropriate prices so that farmers can get proper income. In addition, the yields purchased will be distributed as food aids to communities in need, such as underprivileged families and disaster survivors.


Many vulnerable parties will be eased!


Give your best support and kindly share this page for more prayers to our Indonesian Farmers!

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