Food Aid Distribution for Indonesian Daily Worker

"Usually I get 8-9 trips per day, but now (because of the corona virus) just to maintain 4 trips is got really hard", said one of the online drivers.

"Due to the crisis, many people stay at home and do not work. It affects my sales to drop down until 50%", told one of the street-food seller.



Many daily workers in Indonesia get affected by the corona virus. They who spend most of the time outside such as online driver, street-food seller, laborer, scavenger, and other informal worker, cannot stay at home together with their family. Instead, they have to go outside working for their family.



As an effort to tackle this issue, ACT Foundation initiated a program to distribute food packages for informal workers and lower-income family who get affected economically by the covid19.

There are at least 15.500 food packages to be delivered per day. Let's join us to help and lessen their hardships during the crisis. Your help means a lot for them.

You can contribute to share the food by :

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