Let's Rebuild a Mosque on Lombok Island, Indonesia!

29 July 2018, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude shook Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. A week later, on August 5, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook Lombok once again, followed by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake 4 days later. More than 500 fatalities recorded, thousands injured, and 350,000 displaced.

Although the catastrophe occurred more than 1 year ago, the impact of the disaster was still felt by many residents of Lombok, an island known as "Thousand Mosque Island". That nickname is not exaggerated because on the island, there are 3,676 large mosques and 5,184 small mosques.


After the earthquake, there were more than 600 grand mosques & 400 small mosques that were damaged and could not be used again for praying or other activities. Therefore, in addition to assistance in the emergency phase such as Search and Rescue, health services, food distribution, public kitchen, and the provision of temporary shelters, ACT Foundation is also committed to assisting in the renovation of mosques that were destroyed after the earthquake in Lombok.

Before the permanent mosque renovation assistance program, the ACT Foundation had also built temporary mosques so that the community could still pray comfortably. Up to now, at least 26 temporary mosques have been built which are supported by the Indonesian people and various partners and institutions from many overseas countries.

One of the locations that has a temporary mosque, is in the Sambik Jengkel Perigi Hamlet, Selengen Village, Kayangan Sub-District, North Lombok District. At this location, there was the Darrul Muttaqin Mosque that collapsed after the earthquake, which had previously been routinely used by 200 families of residents of Sambik Jengkel Perigi Hamlet for praying and other community activities.

Now, ACT invites generous people from around the world to work together to set aside some of their wealth to rebuild the Darrul Muttaqin Mosque so that residents can return to worship comfortably and fervently. Insya Allah, every penny we give will be Jariyah alms whose reward continues to flow as long as the mosque is utilized by local residents.

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